Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lately... has been a whirlwind last few weeks but I am so happy to say that the full time day training is over!!!! I am no morning person and having to get up, get ready, drive, find a parking place in the parking deck, then walk 10 minutes from there to my job and clock in by 6:30 AM was no small feat for me. I was pretty sure it was going to kill me...I exaggerate a little:) Anyways I am going from hitting the hay early to prepare for the next day to trying to hold my eyes open as long as I can at night to prepare for the next day!!! I work my first night shift tomorrow night (Sunday night) and I am a little terrified. Yes I am a night person but people keep telling me that staying up all night at work is going to be totally different plus I am pretty sure I have already forgotten everything I have learned the last couple of weeks. I am trying to keep a positive outlook and say that I will be a trooper but frankly I am just ready to get the first shift over with and get a feel for the night shift thing. This past Friday we took Tegan to have a second opinion on whether we should put him through a pretty major eye surgery. His normal Dr. is at Emory and we got our second opinion from Medical College of Georgia. The Dr. was very nice and 100% agreed with Teg's regular Dr. and even told us that his Dr. at Emory was one of the best at this surgery and he never even offered to do the surgery himself which was fine by me b/c MCG is a really long ways away from our house. Plus I had already been praying a lot about the Emory Dr. and was starting to feel the comfort letting me know that he would be in great hands. They say this won't cure his eyes but I believe it can and I believe that if that is the plan that the Lord has for him then a miracle can happen. To have so much faith I have had so much fear about doing this surgery. I guess b/c it is really up to Paul and I so if something goes wrong we will blame ourselves. But I think at this point the decision has been made to move forward with the surgery but I'm still reluctant to contact the Dr. about it:) The kids have been doing great and I believe they both adjusted better to me being at work everyday than I did. But now we get some of our regular weekday routine back. I am going to miss my family on the weekends but night shift is definitely not chump change and lets just say that my first paycheck yesterday has inspired me to push through. I have been getting things together and applying for the health care programs I have been working so hard to get in to. I have one top pick and one back up pick. I'm ready to figure that part of my life out and move forward with it. Well my mind just went blank so I think I will just stop here and end this totally random post!

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