Monday, February 21, 2011

These Days

We enjoyed a pretty weekend around here with NOT ONE THING on the schedule. Well I say that but Rylee and I did have a date planned for Friday night with her friends and their mom but that has been put on hold until next Friday. Rylee woke up around 4 or so on Friday morning with a stomach virus. She proceeded to throw up pretty hard for the next four hours. Just to be safe we stayed home on Friday night even though she tried with everything in her to make me change my mind. You see the date included the Justin Beiber movie. Let me just warn you...never tell a vomiting 8 year old that this is just part of Beiber Fever. I thought it was funny, she did not! Anyways we all managed to stay well and not catch what she had.

The rest of our weekend was spent hanging around the house, a lot of outside play and I even got some sewing done. Tegan was unusually good and I am starting to think that God reads this blog and knows that Tegan has been trying to take me down. He has just been somewhat of a different child the past few days. Only one tiny problem...he won't take a nap AT ALL!

Tegan has been saying some super cute things lately and I'm not sure where he gets this stuff from. Yesterday I was hugging all over him and he said "get off of me OLD WOMAN". WHAT??? where did he learn that and who does he think he is talking to b/c it sure isn't this spring chicken:) About an hour later he was sitting in my lap at the computer and he out of no where says "let me down Hot Chick". Again...where has he heard that at. I heard him ask his Daddy if he wanted a knuckle sandwich and then he informed me that he loves everyone including his whole self. I also discovered over the weekend that my son has been thinking that at some point he will have to go back in to my belly. He told me that he didn't think he would like having to go back in my belly and he just wants to stay out here with Rylee. I laughed so hard when he was so excited to find out he doesn't have to go back in my belly.

Rylee is just growing and changing so much everyday. After a month of either being home sick from church or being upstairs helping with one of the classes, I was finally able to see her take communion for the first time. I wasn't her first time taking it since being baptized but my first time getting to see it. She thinks it is even more special that her Daddy serves it to her. I signed her up for soccer and we have been working with her a little outside but really we don't know much about soccer other than kicking a ball and running. She seems to have gotten taller and is already starting to slim up. She will be taller than me in no time. Yesterday at church a lady dropped the additional bread pieces left over from communion. They went all down the basement steps. Rylee had already turned the corner and saw it happen. When I turned the corner I saw her immediately set her stuff down and start helping clean it up. She never even hesitated. I am so proud of how she is quick to help and so thoughtful of other people.

Well I am off to finally eat lunch at almost 1:30 and maybe talk Tegan in to at least going in his bedroom for a little quiet play time:) Hope everyone has a great week!

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