Thursday, February 10, 2011

At The Foot of The Cross

I have a friend on facebook that just like so many on facebook I went to school with but during school we just never really crossed each others paths very much. I mean we knew OF each other but I have been blessed through facebook (strange I know) to get to know her on a deeper level. She is going through a hard time right now, what that is I don't know b/c I'm sure if she wants me to know she will tell me but even through this rough time she is amazing me on a whole new level. We connected through facebook by our faith and her faith is taking me to a whole new level over the past week. She keeps talking about how her devotions are lining up with exactly where she is in her life and showing us that God really is at work even when you think he isn't.

I believe that we all go through the Valley to get to the Mountain TOP! I know that in order to grow and become closer to God we have to experience things in life that are just unbearable to think about. We have to fall so that we can be picked up. We have to cry so that he can dry our tears. When we are in the valley it can last for hours, days, weeks and even years but at some point if you allow him to he will pull you through!!! Angie, on facebook posted this poem this morning and I just loved it and wanted to share it with everyone:

Fearing the battle was over
And I'd already lost the war
I was tired of trying and failing
I just can't fight anymore
So, dragging my battle scarred body
I crawled to the foot of the cross
And I sobbed " oh please father forgive me
But I tried...I tried... And I still lost
Then the air grew silent around me
I heard his voice just as clear as the dawn
"oh my child though you are tired and weary
You can't stop you have to go on"
At the foot of the cross where I met
At the foot of the cross where he died
I felt love as I knelt in his presence
I felt hope as I looked in his eyes
Then he gathered me lovingly to him
As around us gods light clearly shone
and together we walked through my lifetime
to heal every wound I had known
I found bits of my dreams long forgotten
And pieces of my life on the floor
But I watched as he tenderly blessed them
And my life was worth living once more
I knew then why I had been losing
I knew why I had not grown
At the foot of the cross came the answer
I'd been fighting the battle alone
At the foot of the cross where
I met him
At the foot of the cross where he died
Then I knew I could face any challenge
Together- just my lord and i

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