Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Counting Calories

I'm not even sure what a calorie is....I mean I have never ever looked at calories so I don't know what is good or bad. So I have decided to wake up and stop living in my happy little world where I can continue to cram in nutty bars, zebra cakes, chips and ice cream at warp speed. I am not really on a mission to lose weight although that would be an awesome bonus. My point is really to try to just feel better. To say that I have a stomach with a temper would be an understatement. One week all the food I eat just sits in my stomach and succeeds in making me feel bloated, bubbly and just plain nasty. Then the very next week my stomach will give up it's boycott and throw a temper tantrum that results in everything I have ate in the past two weeks coming out in one day. I know...TMI. But the point is that when I took a couple of days to really look at what I was eating I realized that I will not have this really awesome metabolism forever(extra special thanks to my oldest sister for telling me that over and over again). When I went grocery shopping yesterday instead of filling the cart with junk I bought fruit and some healthy snack alternatives. See I don't really eat a whole lot when I set down for a meal but it is the snacking and grazing that I do all day that seems to be my downfall.
Today has been my first half day of making an effort.

1. Breakfast: I started off my day with not one but two bowls of Special K cereal. Even though this was a much better choice to the bacon biscuit I wanted to stop and get after dropping Tegan off at school, I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have crammed in two really big bowls full.

2. Mid-morning: since I can't quit my snacks cold turkey, I am going to have to retrain myself to not eat every second of the day. So mid-morning I had a Special K cereal bar. Oats & Honey is pretty good.

3. Lunch- I usually eat a stouffer's french bread pizza or make me some chicken fries and french fries. I realized today that the stouffer's pizza is 430 calories!!! I was shocked. So I made an effort to make a better decision. I bought these...

at the grocery store yesterday. Bagel Thins are really good but these are AWESOME!! You have to get the everything bagel thins. The whole bagel is 110 calories. I made me an egg white which I then topped with cheese and inhaled the whole thing. I'm pretty sure I should have left off the cheese??? Then I had some Baked Ruffles (which are also AWESOME) on the side. The only problem is that I should have probably not ate half the bag of those??

My efforts have not been easy and I seem to be floundering like a fish out of water. But I guess the point is that I am eating things that are slightly better for me than my usual choices. Maybe I should just stop here and not eat the whole rest of the day or just finish myself off with some good old break and bake cookies and just eat like I want until my metabolism decides to stop functioning!!!

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  1. Found your blog through Kelly's Korner! I've recently lost 50 pounds counting calories and it's not easy but worth it! I love your blog! So cute! I was born and raised in GA so I see we have the GA thing in common. Love your camera straps too. I plan to order one this weekend! Just wanted to say hi and let you know you have a very cute blog!