Monday, February 14, 2011

A Simple Valentine's Day

I had all these plans to take pictures of all the Valentine's Day happenings but as you can see that didn't happen. It was a slow and relaxing day around here so I'm not sure why I couldn't pick up the camera at least once.

My husband and I usually don't do much for Valentine's Day and come to think of it we don't do date nights at all either. Not because we don't want to but for some reason or another things get in our way like lack of babysitter, mother's guilt, kids begging to go with us, etc... Last week a precious lady at church named Rhonda ASKED if she could keep our kids while we went on a date night. I say she ASKED b/c for the first time EVER I didn't have to ASK someone and feel guilty for it. Although I still felt guilty for taking her up on the offer b/c let's face it, what if it was comparable to the scenario where you ask how someone is doing but you don't really want to hear their whole answer. Anyways, we took her up on the offer whether she meant it or not (but I really think she meant it) and went on a mini date night on Sunday....just food! Both kids love Ms. Rhonda and she has had a huge part in their lives through church since both kids were tiny so I knew they would both be just fine. Of course we left at 5 pm and was back home by 7 pm but that TWO hours was so refreshing for me. Just to go somewhere with my husband and eat a meal without having to feed anyone else was a nice little break. Don't get me wrong, I love feeding my babies but come on sometimes a married couple just needs a moment! I can't thank Rhonda enough and pray that she meant it when she said she would love to do it again sometime!!

Today has been a low key day. While the kids were at school I did some errands, bought Valentine's gifts and did my grocery shopping. This afternoon I was able to catch up on some things, clean a little and cook a great meal for my three Valentine's. I had supper ready when my husband walked in the door from work (something he has been dreaming about for 10 years:). We gave the kids a little V-day basket of goodies and then it happened...I pulled out a card and candy for my dear husband and he felt so bad for not getting me anything, not even a card. It was funny watching him squirm his way out of that and after a little guilt trip I informed him that it didn't matter b/c I knew he hadn't had time to go get me anything so I wasn't expecting anything. Then I informed him that he could always do a just because gift or card or something one day...he laughed but I didn't! Anyways overall it was a great Valentine's Day and I am glad that I got to spend it with our whole family of four. It may be cheesy to celebrate or go out of our way on Valentine's Day but really it is just a way to remind us to show a little more love to the ones we love. I know everyone says they don't need a day to remind them of that but just think about it, if you got flowers today(I DIDN'T) when was the last time you got flowers on a just because day???

I am finishing my Valentine's Day off by applying for a job over the Internet and keeping my fingers crossed. Hopeful for a small change but not big enough to affect my family to much.
Hope you all had a very blessed Valentine's Day!!!

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