Monday, February 7, 2011

Boy OH Boy

My little man has had me in tears the past few weeks. A handful would be an understatement when using it in the sentence with his name. Energy...there is a lot of energy and unfortunately I have lost mine somewhere and can't seem to find it. He NEVER stops moving and likes to be destructive. I am sad to say that it has put me in a bad place and making me so frustrated with him that last night I just had to walk away and put myself in time out after he nearly ripped Ry's homework to pieces. Today he has been on the go. He pulled every item that he owns(clothes included) out of any toy box, dresser, closet, etc... and placed it all in the middle of his bedroom floor during his nap time today. He has crumbled up goldfish crackers in his hands and graciously spread them all over the living room floor. While I was cooking supper tonight he was in the living room with a bottle of water, my favorite jar candle and various things trying to make a fish aquarium. He was so proud of his creation that it was ALMOST hard to get on to him. The bad part was that I was getting on to him for pouring water everywhere but right before I caught him pouring water in my candle I had been running dish water. Well I walked away to handle him and forgot to turn off my water which ended in an even bigger mess than what he was making. I sent him to his room but when I went to get him out for supper he had taken everything off his dresser, pulled a chair up, climbed up there and was just standing there....again he had that so proud of himself look on his face. Why on earth don't three year old boys get as tired as their Mommies?? I love that little man and will take all the messes in the world. I can't help but laugh when he does something wrong and I hear his Daddy saying "You better run boy b/c here comes your Mama and she is going to get you"...reminds me of listening to old people tell stories about their kids and talking about how mad they use to make their Mama.
Poor Ry has no idea what is going on and she comes to me to tell me what her favorite color is right in the middle of me chasing Teg through the house while he is running with scissors. All I can do is look at her dumbfounded and try to figure out why she choose that exact moment to insist on stopping me and telling me that.
I'm just so tired today. For his bedtime story tonight I told him a story all about a sweet little boy and a much better tomorrow....he giggled and said "That not true Mommy!" Great, just great!

The water bottle

Can you tell that my candle is completely filled with water?

And here are the various objects placed in this fish aquarium to act as fish!

I have a feeling the fun is just beginning with this child!

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