Friday, February 11, 2011

Climbing the Mountain

Climbing the mountain is what I feel like I have been doing lately unfortunately it is a handmade mountain made especially for me by my sweet and oh so handsome little man.
During nap time today he decided not to nap and instead made something special for his Mommy.....

This would be ALL the clothes in his room, even the ones that were packed away from last summer.

What a mess!!!
I like the added touch of the deer that he stole from the living room, don't you?

He was so proud of himself!
And then he wasn't:)
While I was stuck in his room going through ALL the clothes and putting them back up, he hurled my favorite little deer across the living room. Remember how the above pictured deer had two ears....

Well now he doesn't:(

In the words of my dear friend....This boy better be glad he is so cute!!!!

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