Saturday, February 19, 2011

At Home

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day here! It was great spring like weather and maybe even borderline summer. It started off with not a lot of sleep last night and Tegan's smiling face waking me up dark and early saying he didn't hear the crickets anymore so it was time to get up. I literally moved from the bed to the couch where he sat next to me watching TV. I wanted so bad to sleep but couldn't get back to sleep for fear he would pull the house apart. I felt like crud but got up and got going anyway. My husband took the Teg man outside with him to do whatever it is that men do outside. I sat and did a weeks worth of homework and by 12:30 I was done and ready to head outside for some good old fashion vitamin D. This beautiful weather does my heart good. We enjoyed the rest of the day outside and I even got one of my rocking chairs painted!!!
Tonight was yet another early night to bed for everyone in the house but me. At night time I catch some sort of second wind and even though I have felt like I would fall flat on my face all day now I am wide awake and ready to get stuff done. That wasn't my point....anyways everyone is sleeping and all is quiet around here. While I would like to go to bed at the same time as everyone I have to say that I simply love being up after they are all in the bed. I love the quiet time but most importantly I just love knowing that my family is sleeping safe and sound. Lately at night I will have this overwhelming sense of contentment with being in this house with these people. I love that we have slowed down and stopped running by somewhat simplifying. I just feel complete when I am here. Now don't ask me to say these words in the middle of the day in the middle of the week just after Tegan has thrown something in the toilet but for today....I'm at home!!!

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