Sunday, September 19, 2010

Not So Bad Afterall!

This post will probably make no sense:)

My dear little girl is a very outgoing little soul that doesn't really know how to stop talking sometimes. Because of this quality she has I have to say I was a little afraid of what was going to be said to us at her parent/teacher conference last week. I am happy to report that apparently we have one of the most creative children ever. We also have a "well rounded" (how the heck did that happen) little lady who truly cares about everyone in her class. She still doesn't see difference in people and I take that as a huge compliment when we are told that by someone that is not family. The best part is that she is above average in basically everything ( did that happen). She is excelling in school and we couldn't be happier. Her teacher says she never gets in trouble, is first done with her work, very respectful, uses wonderful manners and keeps them entertained. I would say I am a pretty blessed Mommy to have her as my own!

The weekend didn't seem to start out so well. Lots of little bumps in the house this week and the weekend seemed to be starting out that way. I was determined not to have yet another weekend full of snappy comments and kids trying to hurt each other. We pulled it together and actually had a very nice weekend. I know I always say that I regret the fact that we decided not to have more children and although I will not rule out adopting a little Chloe one day, I am finding myself more and more comfortable with my little family of four!

Lastly my little lady is growing up. Ry has a fear of a whole lotta stuff and getting her ears pierced was definitely one of those fears. She has talked and talked about it for years but kept saying "maybe next year" and when next year would come she would move it back another year. But Saturday she came up to me and asked to talk to me. I was shocked when she said she was ready to have her ears pierced. I was so shocked that we were out the door within a couple of hours before she could change her mind. Apparently she was the "only girl at school without earrings":) We went, she sat there nervous, $40 later and a little crying we were all done! Yes you read that right...$40 for ear piercing!!!! It was like $7 when I was younger so I was thinking that with inflation and then the recession there was no way it could be more than $12. Boy was I wrong!!!! But it was worth it b/c she did so good. She did kind of cry but not a real cry. Everybody keeps acting like it is crazy that she cried but getting your ears pierced hurts like heck and especially getting both of them done at the same time. So I was just proud that she didn't all out scream which they say some kids do! She did great and looked so grown up sitting there. Within about 3 minutes she was all smiles again and super proud of her new bling!

All smiles before!

Getting anxious!

Oh no...what the heck just happened to me??


So proud of her new ears:)

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