Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coupon Marathon

Today I was attempting to do what would be a coupon marathon but I ran out of time before I had to go get Tegan from school. I am sad to report that I have became one of "those people". You know, the ones that go to 50 different places to get their groceries, toiletries and cleaning stuff. Yeap...I'm her now. I am getting a little addicted to this idea of saving tons of money. Although I'm not sure it is fully working yet b/c I have yet to buy a complete meal from my sale and coupon finds but give me time. I'm still in the practicing phase.

The first major thing I have learned is that the coupon divas don't play and if you hesitate and decide to wait until Wed. to go on your coupon adventures the hottest sale items are gone! I mean cleared out!!!! The good thing is that you can get rain checks for those items, the bad thing is that I didn't know that:( Now I do!

First stop on my coupon rat race was CVS. One thing I keep reading about them is that I have to make the initial investment. Meaning I have to purchase some items that earn extra care bucks to get the cycle started. Well today I got the cycle started...unfortunately everything that I wanted to spend those ECB's on was all gone! The guy at the register told me that my store gets their truck on Thursday so hopefully they will be fully stocked by Friday when I run by there. So here is my initial CVS Extra Care Bucks investment....

  • 2 packs of Huggies Pull-ups: Buy 2 for $17.98 ($8.99 each) and get $3 extra care bucks. I also had two $2 off coupons so I got to use both of those. So I actually only paid $13.98 for both and then still got back $3.00 in extra care bucks to use later. Now Wal-mart sales these for $8.99 everyday but the extra care bucks are what made me buy them at CVS. (I am swearing that this will be the last time I buy pull-ups...its time for that boy to learn to hold his pee at night!)
  • So I don't really wear lipstick but apparently I am planning to start b/c I purchased one tube of Revlon lipstick(don't get excited b/c it is a rosy nude color). The lipstick was on sale for $6.99. I had a $2 off coupon. By buying this item I earned $5 extra care bucks so that basically made this item free!
  • One 2 liter diet fav:) On sale this week for $1.00.

So my total with tax was originally $40.66

With sale prices and the use of 3 coupons (equaling $6 off) my new total including tax was $21.75!!!

I saved $18.91 today at CVS plus I have $8.00 in extra care bucks to spend next time so hopefully I will get out of there for FREE!

I also made a run to publix so I will post that one later today or tomorrow!

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  1. WOW!! tabatha, have you seen those ladies who can go grocery shopping for their family on pennies?? i think you are on your way, smart lady!