Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Much Better...

We were in Athens yesterday and close to a Publix so I decided to check in on the Buy One Get One free deals that they have going on while I was there. Of course since we had just spent our life savings at Ingles the day before, I didn't need much. But my sad attempt to save money has become an addiction that is in turn making me spend more money:) So here it is....

Their 12 pack Pepsi products are buy 2 get 2 free. They are 4.75 each so I got four 12 packs of drinks for $9.50! That is an awesome deal if I do say so myself.
The Cottonelle was on sale for $5.99. The Mustard was BOGO so I got two for the price of one which was$1.87 for both!!! Ketchup was also BOGO but I had just bought some at Ingles the day before so I only got one bottle which was really hard for me b/c I have this strange obsession with buying ketchup and I don't even eat it that much. The good thing about Buy One Get One is that if you get just one then you still get the deal and it is only half the price so I got the ketchup for $1.40. The Aunt Jemima waffles were also BOGO and only cost $1.15 for one.
So here is the break down:
Regular price Total...$37.14
Sale Total...$20.75
Total saved....$16.39
That was way better and so much more worth the trip. The plan is to go and get only BOGO items from there for now on and I will not make a special 30 minute trip to the nearest Publix to do that b/c goodness knows I will spend just as much in gas getting there and back home. Maybe I will catch on to this soon enough:)


  1. I love BOGO at Publix...I have been offmy saving wagon since school started back b/c I've been so busy with work and grading papers..and baseball and everything else..but soon I hope I will get back to my couponing crazy fest.