Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deals and Steals

It is only Tuesday and I feel like I have already racked up on the deals this week. I must admit, I am becoming a little addicted and obsessed with deals, coupons and freebies. It is just so satisfying to get a deal!!!
This morning I met a friend for breakfast and had to run few errands. I ran over to Carter's b/c my best friend gave Tegan a Carter's gift card for his bday. He also got several pairs of the exact same Carter's jeans. So I decided to take one back and get him some dress pants. I had put in my mind that the gift card (which was for $25) would buy him two sets of winter time pajamas which he really really needed. Well when I went in to the Carter's outlet they were having a sale. The p.j.'s were all 50% & 60% off. So I picked him up 3 sets of p.j.'s for $8.20 each. Then they had some jogging pants and tops for 60% off so I got him one of those sets for $13.40. Well the lady at the register offered me a 20% off my entire purchase coupon if I spent $40. Since I was exchanging the pants somehow the amount of the new pants which were the exact same as the jeans still counted toward the $40 I had to spend. So once I used my gift card and the 20% off coupon I ended up walking out of there with a pair of dress pants, hooded sweat shirt, sweat pants, and three sets of pajamas for $3 out of pocket!!! I was super excited!!! Between Tegan's birthday clothes he got and this, he is pretty much taken care of in the clothes department for right now.

Then I had to run to Walmart to get Tegan's allergy medicine. Which I have to say that if your kid needs allergy medicine like claritin every day, the walmart brand is half the price and works WONDERFUL!!! But the point is that I made a quick trip down the clearance aisle and found two throw pillows that perfectly match my couch that were marked down from $10 to $2 EACH!!! I couldn't pass that up. I can't even make them for that cheap. So I am super excited about those too!!!

Yesterday I made an Ingles run with just a few coupons and advantage card deals in mind. Had I not had to get milk, bread and orange juice, I would have gotten out of there super cheap. Just an idea of a few things I got:
Special K cereal (me and Rylee love this stuff) is usually $4 or more a box. They were 2 for $5 this week at Ingles (but BOGO at publix...wish I lived closer to one) and I had a coupon for $1 off two boxes. So I got two boxes of Cereal for the price of one.
Their Cheetos are on sale for $1.88 a bag. There was a coupon hanging above them at the grocery store for $0.40 off. Since they doubled that coupon, I got the Cheetos for $0.88!!! The good kind...not the cheapy kind!!!
The best purchase of the day was some country crock butter. It is BOGO this week at Ingles which makes it two for $1.66 or $0.83 each. So I only got one and had a $0.40 off coupon which they then doubled and I got it for $0.03!!!!! Awesome!

I will now be going to a therapist for this new obsession! Thanks for humoring me:) Tell me if you are bored with this????


  1. I absolutely love it as I try to find deals as much as possible. I am a coupon lady too! Keep it up please. :)

  2. I'm all about coupons too..have had less time to keep up with it since starting back to work teaching...however, when cleaning my house this past weekend I found that I went a tad bit overboard with it in the beginning and bought bottles of shampoo and facesoap that I really don't like and will not use so I had to give it away...but I am learning now to just find good deals on stuff you like and use anyway ;-) That's my two cents! Happy shopping!

  3. One of the perks of couponing is finding great deals even in items you may not use. This is a great way to get items super cheap or free and then turn around and give to charity or homeless shelters, even mission trips! Also another perk is to stock up for yourself. If you find an item you use (and on sale with coupons), stock up b/c grocery stores usually run each item on sale every 4-6 weeks. So if you buy enough to stock up for 6 weeks, then it will last you until it's on sale again.