Friday, September 3, 2010

Embrace the Germs

Well it's that time again. The sicknesses are upon us and I'm sure it is going to be so much fun now that I have two kids in school instead of just one (sense the sarcasm). Tegan has been my little bubble boy for 3 years but now that preschool is part of his days so is sickness. Facebook is a cruel thing b/c I can see that other kids that Rylee goes to school with are passing around a stomach virus. Needless to say we are on high alert at our house.
Teg was feeling good and playing yesterday and then it happened. It started with a very fast to get high fever which then caused him to throw up and that took the wind out of him b/c it knocked him out for about 14 hours. This morning he seems better but I kept him home just in case. The word on the street is that another little girl in his class was diagnosed with strep today. What is a mom to do....the kid is acting fine but we all know my track record. It is a long holiday weekend. With the exception of about three holidays in the past seven years, someone is always sick in my house on a major holiday or on long holiday weekends when my only options are the emergency room or regional firstcare. My hubby says wait it out but I am being pulled in the other direction.
Instead of fighting the germs I have decided to just throw in the towel (literally..that is what I was catching vomit in last night) and just let whatever will be will be. Now I'm not getting all crazy and not washing my hands or anything but I am so tired of worrying about sickness when my kids stay sicker than most other kids!
Anyways I am sure this is how my life will go as it does every year from September to April. I think I need to change my favorite month from September to May!!!

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  1. Oh no!!! So sorry! Hope they all get better soon. Come enter my giveaway if you would like to lift your spirits!