Monday, April 26, 2010

Random Days...

This post will have no point...not one! It is just some random things going on lately.

Rylee just finished up her CRCT at school and we are so glad that is over. In the months leading up to the test she had TONS more homework than usual and felt the pressure of the standardized test coming her way. The day before the test she was so worried that she tried to go to bed at 4 pm in the afternoon. She said it wasn't nearly as bad as they made it out to be and she thinks she did great....I don't doubt that at all.

Tegan is wild as ever but starting to listen a little least to Paul. I have had to get a hickory switch to make him mind and it is so hard to not laugh at him when he runs away yelling "don't get me with that tree". I have to say, I haven't had to "get" him yet just the sight of the thing is good enough for him. He is still having some hitting issues but we are working on it and when he does hit he will tell me that "boys don't do that". Still no luck with pooping in the potty or peeing in a public restroom. I just hope he catches on to those two things before he is 18 years old! Talk about awkward!

I am still plugging away at procrastinating about school. As a matter of fact I should be studying right now. I didn't do so hot on the last test so I have to do great on Wed. or I will have to just drop the class and the whole quarter will be wasted. The teacher is super hard and he doesn't mind telling us that every 10 seconds in class. It's just a lot of material in a short amount of time.

Every time our kids jump on their trampoline they turn black...what is up with that? I don't ever remember all that black stuff rubbing off on me when I was a kid jumping on a trampoline.

Our warm southern weather has been cool lately during the mornings and evenings.

My new love is a salad at Zaxby's! YUMMY!

My dear hubby bought him a small old Toyota truck to drive to work to save gas money b/c his truck is ridiculous. This will now award me with a small shopping day to buy myself something since he got a truck. I know...he gets a truck and I get shorts from walmart but we take what we can get right:)

I wasn't really in the mood to go to church this past week but I pulled myself together and went. Three minutes in to the sermon the dear lady who teaches Tegan's class during that time, sticks her head out the door and motions for me. I walk through the door to see Little dude standing there soaked from the waste down...Note to self: Little dude still needs to wear pull ups to church:) Can we say the Devil was trying to keep me away!

My 38 year old brother had a heart attack this past week. Not sure why b/c he had no blockages.

And that will conclude my totally random week!

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