Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing to it but to do it!

If you know me, it is no secret that I put every single thing off until the last minute but in the meantime I stress stress stress over what has to be done instead of just doing it. Being a procrastinator is not for the faint of fact you must have mad skills to pull off last minute stuff. I wouldn't want to waste my totally awesome skills by doing things ahead of time. In fact, right now the whole reason why I am even writing this off the wall post is because I am in full on procrastination mode and trying to avoid the major amount of studying that I have to do for my Anatomy and Physiology class. We have our first major test on Monday and this is going to take massive amounts of studying to pull off a good grade. Although I have to say that I have been studying tons and it has been paying off with our quizzes. So I guess I better go study...oh but wait, maybe I should lay down and take a nap and then study:)
FOCUS TABATHA!!! In the recent wise words of a friend..."There is nothing to it but to do!" Seriously...that has to be the best words I have ever heard. I think about being a mom and how sometimes having these two little extremely needy things that need me all the time is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life but you know what, I get up every single day and I do it b/c what choice do I have. So what I need to do is just think that I have no choice but to study and do well in this class. In the grand scheme of things it really is not a big deal right....I mean everyone one of you reading this knows exactly what a proton, neutron and electron are, what charge they have and what they are created from....right? Good, now that we have cleared that up, google it!

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