Saturday, April 24, 2010

I Heart Gary Allan

Thursday night the hubby and I had a late anniversary celebration. We stepped outside of our comfort zone and went to our first concert together...not our first one ever but the first one together. We got to have supper at my favorite downtown Athens restaurant and then walked around downtown until time for the concert.

Gary Allan was awesome and if you think he sounds good on the radio, you need to hear him in concert. The Classic Center held the concert and I swear there was a bad seat in the house except if you were in our seats and had a tall skinny old long greasy haired drunk dude standing in front of you. He flipped his hair all night long and it was killing me and Paul. Then he was taking out his cell phone and taking pictures of all the young girls and texting them to someone. It was really very disgusting since he was doing all this with his significant other standing right beside him.

Really...there is nothing like "people watching" at a country music concert. There was a huge age range of people there from young to way to old to be out that late. There was a girl that danced the same dance no matter how fast of slow the song was. There was another dude that danced some sort of airplane dance. There were people at the older end of middle aged dancing as couples and made me throw up in my mouth a little. Lots of young college girls with their dresses and cowboy boots on...this is where I note that the country music singer had on white tennis shoes. There were tons of guys who kept going to the bar and coming back with two cups of beer (just for themselves) instead of just one.

All in all it was a nice night and Gary put on one heck of a show but I have to say I just like sitting at home and watching tv...such a homebody I am:)

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