Thursday, April 8, 2010

Little man...

My little dude is a little over 2 1/2 now and doing great! He is wild as ever and sometimes makes me want to scream...OK he actually makes me scream...but he is a lovable little guy that loves his sister and loves to be outside. He is in his element when he is outside running and playing. I literally have to chase him down and drag him to get him inside. He drinks all the time but doesn't eat a whole lot unless it is skittles or m&m's:)

His vision does not seem to be affected by his Nystagmus but he does have to do certain things to adjust. He tilts his head to the side to slow his eyes down and he does seem to have some problem seeing things that are off in the distance. He still has some issues with his eyes when he is in loud places, when he is anxious and when he is tired. They move more during those times and when most children would cover their ears b/c of loud sounds, he covers his eyes. Seems like he is already figuring out how to handle his nystagmus. He is due to go back to Emory this summer but I don't suspect getting any bad news or anything.

He talks...a lot. In that way, he is just like his sister! Some of the cutest things he says is:
"I got this"
"You better not mommy" this is when I threaten to do something to him or throw out his food b/c he won't set down to eat.
"Hey....How U?"
"Rylee Bug" he yells that when he can't get her to answer him...somehow it always works.
"Go Shuck E Cheese and get prite (aka sprite)"
"Get up boy" this is when he is talking to himself!
"Boys not do that" this is when I am getting ready in the mornings and he points at all the girl stuff on the bathroom counter and says "boys not do that".
"Mama gone put my butt to bed"...I can't imagine where he has heard this at before:)
The sweetest and best thing is "it be alright mama". He uses this when you try to get him to put on a coat and he doesn't want to or you try to get him to eat something he doesn't want. It is very cute!
He still continues to call his daddy by his first name. You hardly ever hear Tegan say "daddy" it is always "Paul". It is very cute but I think people in public don't think Tegan is his kid")
There are so many other cute things he says but I can't remember them right now.
We are still in potty training mode but he is doing pretty good. Still won't do the #2 on the potty and doesn't want to potty out in public but we are working on it daily. Actually today I had to take him to the Dr. for a sinus infection, we dropped through the drive-thru at Burger King and he had to potty but was refusing to go inside. So I asked would he pee outside and he said yes. He got out and insisted that I take off his shorts and pull up completely and he peed! That works for me!

He will start to preschool in Aug and I am having TONS of anxiety about it as I'm sure he will too when the time comes.

He is my little wild man and can be very difficult at times but he is such a blessing to me and I would not survive without him.

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