Monday, January 18, 2010

Yuck Yuck

That is what Tegan says when there is something nasty. Well Yuck Yuck pretty much describes the past week of my life. First Tegan had a bug last week then something totally different has hit Rylee. Saturday night Paul took her to grab something to eat b/c I was feeling a little weak to my stomach. The minute they walked in the door I could tell something was wrong but she hadn't complained to Paul about anything. Well within minutes she was throwing up. That was 7:30 pm Saturday and she continued to throw up through 6:00 am Sunday morning. She went all day Sunday without throwing up but she was really weak and just laid in the bed in and out of sleep all day. Well by Sunday night at 11:30 pm...she was throwing up again. She continued to do so a few more times throughout the night and today has been no different. I have her a dr.'s appt. but they couldn't see her until 5:40 this afternoon!!! I hope she isn't dehydrated but she is so much like me...I can't eat or drink ANYTHING when I feel the slightest bit sick.
As for me....I put my sickness on hold while she was sick and then yesterday when she was free from vomit, I laid in the bed fighting mine off. I'm a warrior (ha!) b/c it doesn't matter how sick I feel, I WILL NOT give in and let myself throw up. Unfortunately this results in me feeling awful for a lot longer than I probably would if I would just throw up. So I slept most of yesterday and today I feel like a new person. Hopefully that was it for me. I don't think she has the same thing as Tegan b/c his lasted a few hours and then he was back to normal but not her. Hopefully Paul will stay free from it. I have been cleaning, washing sheets and disinfecting my house all day so maybe that will help to free us from this dang bug!

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