Friday, January 22, 2010

Retracting my vent...

well...sort of, atleast for the moment. Last night after putting Tegan and Rylee to bed I was pretty sure that my only option in life was to go jump off a bridge would have to be peaceful at the bottom don't you think. Anyways, after venting on my blog and praying really hard last night the good Lord woke me up this morning with a better attitude and some pretty positive thinking. So as I climbed out of bed to the sounds of Tegan's screams, I put a smile on my face and repeated over and over that this was going to be a good day and Tegan was going to be in a wonderful mood. And he was! Shocking enough he got up, ate all of his breakfast with no crying or food throwing, played ALL BY HIMSELF with his toys while I finished some homework, ate his lunch with no food throwing again and went to bed for his nap and actually went to sleep today! For the past two weeks he has played, talked and screamed from his baby bed during nap time for the whole two hours but not today...he is ASLEEP!!!!

I never once had to put him in his baby bed as punishment this morning although when I got him out of bed this morning I got down to his level and told him to listen to me. I told him to please be a sweet boy for mommy today and just have a fun day playing...and he did. Then at nap time I asked him to please lay down and sleep or else he would be in there all afternoon...and he said "yes mommy, I love you mommy!" and then proceeded to lay down and go to sleep! Who is this kid and can I keep him!!!!

I don't want my venting about parenthood to in any way sound as though I don't realize my blessings. I do, and I thank God everyday that I have the two children that I have on earth and even for the child I have in heaven. In fact, I'm pretty sure that Tegan being spoiled and wild is a direct result of me not caring what he does and just being glad I have him. I let him get away with everything and after he is in trouble he is so sweet and just wants to hug all over can I resist that. It's just some days all I do is yell and scream and throw my own tantrums. But not I have had a great day and got lots accomplished. I hope for a great afternoon and an even better night!

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