Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's that noise???

I woke up around 4:45 this morning to the sounds of Tegan coughing. This isn't unusual b/c he has recently had a pretty bad cold. He would cough his head off in his sleep but never wake up. So I just kept laying there in hopes the noise would go away even though I was pretty sure it sounded like the kind of cough you hear when someone is choking. Well after making him suffer long enough, I got up to check on him. When I opened the door I saw RED!!! RED pizza and koolaide coming back up out of my sons little body. I was immediately nauseous. I was pretty sure we would both just lay down in the floor and throw up all over each other:( I jerked him out of bed and so the day began with me catching vomit in a towel over and over again. For some reason God doesn't allow 2 year olds to know how to throw up in a trash can or a bowl. So needless to say I had to practically chase his mouth around with a towel as he was trying to resist throwing up. This happened over and over and over again until sometime near lunch when he just stopped....I mean really, just like that he just stopped. I'm not sure if the Gatorade was some sort of magic cure or what but from the point he took his first drink of Gatorade it was just over! He then took about a 3 1/2 hour nap (and so did I). Got up, ate super and talked about how his belly ache was GONE! Thank goodness for him....I can only hope the rest of us will be so lucky. This was his first stomach virus EVER and I am pretty glad we got that behind us. Now if he will just wait another 2 years and 5 months before getting another one then maybe he can hit the trashcan!
For those of you who know me, I'm sure you are laughing. B/c you know that I can just talk to someone over the phone and they say they have a stomach virus and I swear I caught it thru the phone. So needless to say I am waiting on my time to come since at several points I was catching his throw up in my bare hands!!!! Kids bounce back so easy...I'm sure if I get it then I will be on my death bed for at least a week.
I am just glad the little guy seems to be drinking a lot and feeling better! That was my you can't beat that!

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