Sunday, January 10, 2010

My How Time FLIES...

Well it's happening whether I like it or not:( Today my little toddler....turns SEVEN! Seriously, how on earth does something like this happen. Just yesterday she was walking around in a diaper and now she won't even let me in the bathroom when she is in there. I've been telling her for some time that seven was it for her and I couldn't allow her to age anymore. I beg her daily to not grown up and her response "Mama, I can't help it...I just don't know how to stop!" Then when I ask her if she will just live with me forever she informs me "all people need their own space mama" as a tear rolls down my cheek.
This little girl right here is very sweet! She will do anything you ask her to at home and she is a HUGE help with her little brother. She does wonderful at school and LOVES to read. She has lost her first three teeth this year although just Friday night she lost the first one on her own...the other two were pulled at the dentist. The next morning after finding her $2 she informs me that other kids at school get $10 for ONE tooth...she must not have the same tooth fairy as those kids.

She is a Ham and has no fear when it comes to performing. She will sing anything, anytime in front of anyone. This past year she has sung alone in front of our entire church with no music on Cohen's Day, then again in front of a huge church full at her recital, again in front of a packed house for the Christmas program and finally in front of her entire school grades K-5th for their Christmas program. Not to mention she puts on side shows for numerous family members.

She is very sneaking and when cleaning up her room that proves to be true as I find hidden candy wrapper after hidden candy wrapper....she isn't suppose to eat in her room. She likes to sneak things to school that we have told her that she can't take. She gets her pawpaw to come take her out to eat, only to con him in to stopping by Wal-mart to buy her whatever her heart desires. If she wants it....she will find a way to get it!

She has this look she this one above. Its the go away you are embarrassing me look. This look was one that I wasn't expecting until she was at least 12. She can be so sweet and precious at home but once out and around others...she thinks she can get away with anything. Listening to me is out the window until I threaten her and she is suddenly my sweet girl again. I guess I asked for it b/c she is me made over in that way!

She adores her brother! She tells him all the time that she "loves him more than anything" and when I ask what about me she says "oh you too"....gee thanks! She gets on to him when he is doing something he shouldn't, she blames him for stuff she does wrong, she endures him hitting (yes he has a small hitting problem) her without hitting him back even though I think we are going to have to teach her to do that b/c he won't leave her alone. She still crawls over in to his baby bed and plays with him on Sat. and Sun. mornings. She gives him ANYTHING he wants almost all the time....she has flat out spoiled him! She is our little princess! The only person who has been teaching her one brother about her angel brother. The curious girl who ask questions about death and life in general. She loves her mommy, fights a lot with her daddy (her strong will and attitude is a little much for him) and adores her brother. She LOVES TV which she also gets from me..oops. She has big dreams and I know she is going to make them come true...remember, she knows what she wants and knows how to get it!

Happy Birthday to my beautiful little daughter! I love you!

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  1. You outdid yourself on this blog. She is a wonderful and sweet girl. Happy 7th Birthday Rylee! You are a very special girl. It was an honor being your kindergarten teacher. I miss you this year. Thanks for remembering me by speaking to me at lunch every day!