Thursday, January 21, 2010

In My Defense... has been one of those weeks. It kind of feels like groundhog day where I keep having the same day over and over. Tegan is for sure proving that the terrible two's are terribly real! Let me give you some background:
Rylee...albeit a sassy little lady she is a good girl. As a baby and toddler she was perfect. Not much crying, never pitched a fit out in public, always sat happily at the table whether at home or in a restaurant, never hit anything, never threw stuff, would sit for at least 30 straight minutes and watch TV...just all around a good CALM child.
Tegan...albeit my baby boy and can melt my heart when he says "I love you mommy" (which he is usually saying while running from a spanking) he is a VERY frustrating little man. He not only is all boy in the terrible two's but he has second child syndrome. You know what I am talking about...where I say if I'd had him first I wouldn't have had another child. He is wild, never never never sits still. He is the kid at the grocery store that throws your food out in the floor and while you are picking up one item, he reaches back and grabs another (clean-up on isle 10). He is the kid that snacks on bread when you go to a restaurant so by the time the appetizer is there, he is full and ready to go and not afraid to let the ENTIRE restaurant know. He has quick hands and grabs at anything he can. He throws things constantly. Hits Rylee all the time for no reason. Has somehow figured out how to climb the baby gates and exercises this new found talent over and over again. He is VERY loud and uses his voice to get what he wants. He NEVER lets TV or any toy entertain him at all ever and NEVER NEVER SITS STILL! An all around WILD CHILD!

To say that I have been frustrated this week would be an understatement. Along with all of life's other little issues, he has worn me down and I just want to throw in the towel. In some ways I have thrown in the towel by just giving him what he wants just to make the screaming stop! Some days I wonder why I ever wanted to be a stay-at-home mom and maybe, just maybe if I got out of the house and went to work then maybe, just maybe I would be a better mother. Maybe, just maybe if I got to take a lunch break everyday all by myself then I would come home refreshed! Being a stay-at-home mommy is not for those who have little patience (which is me) or for those who need more than 3 seconds all to themselves (which is totally me). Of course this doesn't help that Paul works second shift so every single week night it is me doing the cooking, cleaning, Rylee's homework, baths and bedtime all by myself. I am TIRED!

Well to stop me from constantly spanking and yelling at this WILD child, I have found a new way to deal with him. Today is only the first day but so far, it is proving to work. When he frustrates me or does stuff he knows he isn't suppose to I calmly and quietly walk over, pick him up, take him to his room, put him in his baby bed and walk out closing the door behind me. He HATES for his bedroom door to be closed all the way. This is where he stays for 2 to 3 minutes. Sure it doesn't seem like long but remember earlier when I said that I never get 3 seconds alone....that 2 to 3 minutes of listening to him scream from afar is like a freakin vacation! I know, I know...locking your kid in his room is horrible but in my defense, if I don't do it I scream, he doesn't listen and wash, rinse and repeat! So yes...I'm saying it, Had I had Tegan first...I would have never had another child, at least not until he was 18!


  1. This post touches my heart in a way that I cannot even express. Samuel and Luke, my gifts from heaven, are ALL BOY! There are days that I feel all I do is spank, put them in time out, or scream like a maniac. When did I become such a crazy person? My heart goes out to you, Tabby Cat. I have bad weeks too. Love you, B.

  2. Oh boy.... :-) I'm having my first baby (a BOY!) in March... I hope he's a CALM one - like his mom & dad are ;-) cheers!