Thursday, January 14, 2010

Party numero uno...

Rylee is taking after her Aunt Amy...she is celebrating her birthday for a solid week! It started last Saturday, 2 days before her birthday and will continue until this Saturday.
Me and my much younger older sister had our kids (her fourth and my first) 3 days apart in January of 03. Well we have always worked it out to do one party one weekend and one the next but this go around we decided to just do one big family party and split the cost. Made it much cheaper for us:)
On Monday it was Rylee's actual Birthday and she wanted cheese fries from Outback. I was happy to oblige her with her request so we headed there to celebrate.
This coming Saturday we have planned a "friends" party. Apparently at age seven it isn't cool to have your family and friends party together...who knew! So I have been preparing a very economical but pretty and fun party for her this Saturday. So far she has eight little friends coming so hopefully we will have a good turn out. She is super excited and I can't wait to post pictures for you guys.
Here are some pictures from Birthday party number one...

The birthday Queen and King!

Let's have some homemade cake...compliments of Nanny!

Just give me my sucker and you can keep the presents.

FINALLY a Zhu Zhu Pet!!! (

Zach loves silly putty!

All the kids (minus the three babies) at the bday party. One from Paul's side of the family and the rest from mine! Apparently we are in a race to repopulate the world:)

These two are trouble...especially together!

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