Saturday, April 5, 2008

Tegan's progress report...

My little big guy is a little over 7 months old now and over 21 lbs. He is going through this first year so fast. I remember it being harder and more of a life change with Rylee so I think that made it go by so much slower with her. Teggie is coming right along these days. I think partially b/c of physical therapy and partially b/c he just seems determined. He is definitely like Rylee though, you can't rush either of them to do anything. Speaking of Rylee Bug, that boy loves her. With Paul working part time from 5 to 9 in the evening it is all on my shoulders, well I can put Tegan somewhere and have Rylee stand in front of him and sing and dance....let's just say he can't get enough of our little budding Hannah Montana. He loves her and now is getting to where if you say where is Rylee his eyes light up and he starts looking around. He has started to make different sounds which is really good and my favorite one that he says ALL the time now is mamamamamama. I know he doesn't know that he is talking to me but he will be saying it and I answer him and he will just smile, it melts my heart. He loves playing in his saucer and plays well in the floor now. Thanks to an hour of pure screaming at physical therapy weekly he now officially does baby push ups and really holds his chest off the floor. This is a huge step for him. He still has a lot of shakiness in his right arm and although some may think it is cute, he looks like he is banging on his high chair tray for more food but it is this repetitive motion with his arm that he can't get control. We are hoping the more push ups that he does then the stronger that his arm gets and he gains that control. He is starting occupational therapy this coming week which we are really hoping will help with that arm. HE is so good at reaching for things and wants to touch everything he can get his hands on. His eye movement seems to have slowed down a lot these days and sometimes I don't even notice it but I could just be use to it. The biggest thing he is doing is smiling at us from across the room without us ever having to say a word to let him know we are there. Oh....I almost forgot.....he can set up now. Not a long amount of time but it seems to be more of a security thing b/c he can do it forever when I am sitting near him but if I move he falls. I am so proud of his progress and me and Paul are really feeling like that a lot of his issues are working themselves out. Yes he still has nystagmus that is sometimes more noticeable than others. Yes he is still behind developmentally but he has made great strides just the past couple of weeks so imagine what he will be able to do just a week from now!

This picture below makes him look so thin but don't let the picture fool you, this 7 month old guy is already wearing 12 month is this sleeper.

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