Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun weekend

We decided to take Rylee to do something fun this weekend, so we all loaded up and went bowling. Now Rylee is somewhat like her mom and is a huge homebody so we had to trick her and not tell her where we were going. She doesn't really like to try new things...also like her mom...from food to fun but we knew she would love it if she ever tried it. She proved us right! For the first time in a long time instead of her crying to come home, she was crying to stay. She became so confident that she would grab her own ball and wanted to walk up there and do everything herself. She would throw the ball so hard and just cheer every time she got even one pin. I'm not great at bowling but I'm not the worst either but now I think I have hit a new our second game Rylee beat me!
Here is a video of her once she really got the hang of it.

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