Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Roly Poly

That's right...we have a roly poly in our house. This kid can fly when he wants to. Last night I took a large throw blanket and laid it out in the floor. I put him all the way on one side and his toys all the way on the other and he took off. He would start on his back and go way off of the blanket just flipping from back to stomach and stomach to back. It was amazing to see him roll so much from his stomach b/c until now he just did that when he felt like it but last night he was doing it with a he wanted those toys and when he would get there he would grab one and keep rolling with the toy in hand. His physical therapist is going to be so proud. I tried to get a video of the constant roll but of course when I took out the camera, he just wanted to look at me and smile. So this video below is pretty much the best I could do but you can tell he is having no trouble with rolling now.

On a different note Tegan choked on a finger puff last night. You know the baby snack puff baby snacks. He is learning to feed them to himself and finally got one in on his own. I think he got excited and sucked it down his throat. I literally had to stick my finger down his throat only to have him throw up the juice he had just drank on me and a whole puff. At least it came out. He was all smiles....I think it hurt me more than him. Enjoy the video!

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