Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rylee's Prayers

A true performer!

Sometimes she dresses herself....this rarely happens.

Mostly this blog has been about Tegan. I guess with all of the issues that I had getting him here and then all of the issues he has had to struggle through...there has just been more to say about him. But I have a precious and trying five year old whom means the world to me. She amazes me with her smartness. This is the girl who at her kindergarten registration when they asked her to count to 10, she counted to 100. She also remembers bible verses like it's no bodies business. This child will speak, sing or dance in front of any number of people. She loves to entertain. Anyone who knows Rylee is very familiar with the fact that she is just a miniature adult. She is just adorable sometimes but other times she can really test my patience. She doesn't always respond well to being told what to do but I have noticed lately that she is getting better. It appears that Tegan is just like her and is very needy. They both want my attention at all times which is hard with Paul being gone in the evenings for work. We have evenings down to a science. I cook and me and Rylee eat. Then Teg eats, I take a shower while Teg is in the swing, Rylee gets a bath, Teg gets a bath and then we all sit in the floor and play and work on Teg's therapy for a while before bed time. Nothing and I mean nothing else gets accomplished but those few things. Teg has cut out his 6:00 bottle all on his own so this means he is wanting to eat at 8:00 and go off to bed which is nice. He has woke up around 10:00 a few times but we are working on that.
Paul now has the awful allergy stuff. This is following last week when his digestive track was in overdrive. So needless to say he was already weak before his nose and eyes started to itch. It was all down hill from there. So I had to sleep on the couch last night b/c after over an hour of listening to him do some combo of snoring and attempting to breath through the snot, I realized I wouldn't be able to go to sleep if I stayed in our bed. It was like a vacation b/c I was alone with nothing to wake me up and the monitor was in there with Paul so every move Tegan made wasn't able to wake me up like normal.

I will end with my dear daughter....
Rylee comes walking in my room yesterday afternoon doing some fake crying. The conversation goes as follows:
Me: What's wrong Rylee?
Rylee: I have been praying to God to give me real earrings but he hasn't done it yet.
Me: Honey you have to pray for the courage to go get your ear pierced.
Rylee: Nah, I would rather God do it b/c it won't hurt as bad!

Later that night during bedtime prayers:
Rylee: Dear God I pray for the rain and pray that it helps the flowers to grow and that we are able to still take baths. I also pray that you please DISCOURAGE me to get my ears pierced when it get a little bigger. Amen!

Her Daddy would be so proud.

I now must go b/c while she suppose to be in the bed going to sleep, she is instead laying in there shinning a flash light all over the room.

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