Thursday, April 17, 2008

The days keep going by....

So last week my Teggie's had his first occupational therapy appointment, besides the consultation. He did great. HE was diagnosed as being weaker on his left side than his right but hopefully we will take care of that through therapy. I have talked before about a repetitive hitting that he does with his right arm, well apparently that is right on target with development and the reason why I notice it so much is b/c he isn't doing it with his left side.
I must say the little guy loved the occupational therapist. Instead of crying he cut his eyes at her and smiled and just ate her up.

Well that was all last Friday....this week he is a different man already. His latest trick that they thought he wouldn't do for another month or two....SITTING UP! Yes he can officially set up on his own without any help and play with toys. I do still throw pillows behind him when I'm not right beside him b/c he hasn't bit the dust yet and I'm not sure he will handle it all that well. Although he did roll off the couch this week and landed on the floor while Paul's mom was watching him....he gave her lots of dirty looks. He is such a wiggle worm that it was bound to happen at some point. We have been battling with him on this sitting up thing b/c he is to big for things like his infant car seat but wouldn't set up good enough to set in a wooden highchair at a restaurant or a buggy (with a buggy cover of course). So we haven't tried it yet but surely he can. We have been riding around with his infant carrier in the back of the car and putting him in it every time we go somewhere. So hopefully those days are behind us. Before he could sit up I bought him the large ducky bath tub in the pictures below b/c he had outgrown his regular tub. He loves that thing so much that he just kicks and plays and then screams when I let the water out. Actually he will kick, look at me and cry, then kick and repeat b/c he wants the water back. He changes everyday....and improves!

Notice how he covers himself with his hand.


When on the floor....this is his favorite position. He loves his feet and lately has been trying to get them in his mouth but I think he squishy belly is getting in his way.

Starting early. One thing he won't be behind on is his first four wheeler ride.


  1. Cute baby pictures. When coming towards babies they jump on the pillows, they throw them and enjoy. For them pillows should be made short and strange looking.