Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just random update

In the words of Rylee..."He's a big boy now!" Tegan has officially been moved out of his infant carrier and into a regular car seat facing the back of course. This was put off way longer than it should have been for a 22 lb boy b/c of him not being able to totally set up on his own. He still doesn't do it great and so I worry about how we will do sitting in a buggy at the grocery store or in one of those wooden highchairs when we go out to eat. So for now I will be keeping the infant seat in the back of my SUV so that if he can't do it then I have a back up plan. When I first put him in here he didn't like it. Once he realized he could see Rylee a lot better, then he was in love with it.

Just give him a teething biscuit and let him loose. He loves them and has to be put straight in a bath after eating them.

In the above picture he is mad b/c his the teething biscuit broke in half so I toke it away. This is his "Oh my gosh, I can't believe she did that" face.

Tegan had a great visit today with the physical therapist. It actually went so well that now she is not seeing him again for 3 weeks. He is really advancing on his own so much these days that to go weekly is just not justified. He is attempting to sit on his own and was really pushing his chest off the floor very well today. He is such a tough little guy.
He goes on Friday to start his cycle of appointments with his Occupational therapist which should be good. So we don't get off therapy free for the next couple of weeks.

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