Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Worried sick....

Last night was a long night. Rylee is deathly afraid of rain, thunder, lightening and wind....I guess you could say she is completely scared of Mother Nature. By 12:00 am the wind was blowing so hard that Rylee was already in our bed. So needless to say I was already not sleeping to well. At 5:00 am I woke up suddenly and literally popped up out of bed and just started heading to Tegan's room. There was no noise that I could hear in his room that would have prompted this all I can say is God was in control. As I walked in the doorway of his room I noticed that I could already hear him breathing...almost gasping. As I leaned over his bed I noticed that he was on his stomach. Most of you know that Tegan has recently learned to roll over but he still does not have the neck strength and head control that most babies have at this age. Back to the story, he was on his stomach sleeping and his head was flat down in to the mattress....sound asleep. He wasn't crying, he wasn't attempting to turn his head or lift his head or anything. I immediately flipped him over and stood back for a second and he started to try to roll over in his sleep again so I eventually had to just pick him up and put him in the bed with us.....Yes you are counting that right, Me, Tegan, Rylee and Paul were all in the same queen size bed.
I have worried all day and I fear that I may not get much sleep tonight due to being worried about Tegan rolling in his sleep. He is sleeping on a sleep positioner tonight but he is such a big boy that I am scared this will not stop him but maybe it will cause him to have to have a little more effort so maybe I will hear him. I'm sure I will still be up every hour checking on him. This appears to be the down side of him rolling. He does this during tummy time also where when he gets tired he just starts eating the carpet and doesn't even lift his head to try to get air. It's very scarey but until last night I have never worried about it in his sleep. I will now.

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