Monday, March 3, 2008


Tegan looks so huge...oh wait, he is but he was so lazy in this one and wouldn't hold himself up at all and Rylee wasn't interested in helping him so I gave up after one picture of them two together.

Sunday was so pretty outside. So imagine my surprise when Rylee wakes me up Sunday morning saying that she is ready to go to the park. We have never taken her on a picnic and she decided yesterday was the day. We did a modern day picnic and went by Subway and got us some food and went to Memorial Park to eat and play. She had fun on the playground and we walked around their big lake. It was sooooo pretty that it really gave us all spring fever. Tegan loves to be outside so he was really on his best behavior and just looking around and enjoying everything. It was very nice except for the fact that a couple of months ago a woman was found in the lake dead and Paul couldn't get over that and kept trying to investigate how she could have possibly ended up in there b/c no foul play was suspected. He was obsessed.
Then we had to head to the funeral home for a wonderful lady in our church who passed away that was the oldest and I believe the longest running member of our church. My sister Melissa came over to keep the kids while we went and I am so excited to say that Tegan did great. Most of you know that when the evenings come around, Tegan wants me and only me so it was nice to know that he did great for Melissa. Melissa is beating Shannon so far this year in the sister of the year award (although I have to give Shannon a pass b/c she does have five kids) b/c Melissa drove all the way to my house last weekend when we were gone out to eat just to check and make sure I unplugged my flat iron b/c I couldn't remember and it was bothering me. Also on my side of the family Melissa has 9 nieces and nephews and somehow from Friday thru Sunday she managed to successfully keep all 9 of them at some point or another. Good job Melissa!

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