Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wild weather in Georgia

Today was a crazy day for us. It started off at around 5:00 am when Rylee woke me and wanted me to lay with her. A little while later there was a little storm before day break. Of course Rylee was wide awake and terrified and the thunder woke Tegan up so once again all four of us ended up in one bed for the last couple hours of sleep. Paul was wonderful and got up with both children and let me sleep in for a little while. Then I got up and me and Rylee headed out to have some girl time and go see the new movie "Horton Hears a Who". The movie was pretty good and Rylee was all over me the whole time and loving this alone time with me. Then we got ready to leave the movie and as we were about to walk out the front door they pushed us all back in and said go get in the hallway and get down on the floor....a tornado was coming! Crazy! We sat in a very hot, very full hallway for probably 45 minutes to an hour. Apparently this exact same storm had a tornado touch down just a few miles up the road from us. Luckily it didn't touch down on us. So when they said we could leave but did not recommend it, me and Rylee jumped in the car and took off for home. When we got home we went straight up to the church were Paul, Tegan and Joan had taken shelter in the basement from the storm. We stayed there for about another hour and watched quarter size hail fall and cover the ground. It was getting scary but luckily we were not hit and all is well with a quiet night in Georgia! So maybe today wasn't the best day to try to spend some extra time with Rylee b/c she was terrified the whole time but I have to get credit for trying.

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