Monday, March 17, 2008

Kailey Elizabeth's dedication

Sunday was Kailey Elizabeth's baby dedication. Kailey is the daughter of my really good friend Larkin. We got to go through our pregnancies together and had our babies a month apart with Tegan born first and Kailey a month later. Although you can't tell that b/c Kailey is just a tiny little thing and Tegan is a monster up next to her. Here are a few pictures of them together on Sunday....please ignore the mother's in the background, the father's were taking the pictures and they were not warning us but just snapping as if they were the paparazzi.

Notice Tegan petting Kailey's head. Also notice how he is looking up at Larkin making sure she doesn't catch him! I love that. The husband's had just missed a perfect picture of the two of them holding hands.
Tegan is not happy about being in a picture with all these girls.

In this picture we added our good friend Chrissy. Chrissy is 100% responsible for the big blind date set up of me and Paul which has eventually somehow led to seven years of marriage. Notice Tegan looking at Kailey below....he seems amazed by her!

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