Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nap time...what's that?

So needless to say most afternoons have been pretty rough around here although today was a little better than the past couple of days.

This is yesterday in a nutshell: Get up at 7:50 am. Must be at work 8:00 am. Good thing I can leave home at 8:01 and get there at 8:01! Work until 12:00 and come home. That part is going pretty good. The minute I walk in the door and Tegan hears my voice he starts to cry and kick and try to get to me. So I usually wash my hands (b/c I am a huge germaphobe) and head over to get him. It is usually after 1:00 before he will let me put him down and go in the kitchen to get what is usually my first bite of something to eat all day. I have to sit next to him in the floor to eat while he watches the fork go from my plate to my mouth as if he hasn't eaten all day. Then he cries some more and I try to get him to nap and he doesn't agree. So I try some more, he still isn't receptive to the idea. So what ends up happening is that I spend all afternoon fighting him while he screams and cries unless I am walking around holding him...all this for what usually turns out to be a 15 minute nap. Which we all know little boys can't go all day with just a 15 minute nap. Therefore he wakes and is happy for like, well 15 more minutes then begins to cry. I spend the majority of my time either listening to him cry while I run around here trying to do stuff or standing at the front door holding him so he can look outside. So he pretty much does this on and off until he takes his last bottle and goes to bed at 8:30. Needless to say, I'm not getting much of anything done around here. I decided to make Rylee's Easter dress this year but yet the fabric is still sitting in the box it was shipped to me in. I'll let you know if I am make a late run to anywhere that may possibly have a single dress left for her. Luckily the Easter bunny already gathered their stuff up for them. Anyways back to the crying....on to Rylee. Most afternoons she is pretty good but lately I think all Tegan's crying gets to her and she joins in with him. If she doesn't get her way she goes in to full break down mode and literally falls apart. I'm not talking crying, I'm talking screaming as loud as her little five year old voice will go and kicking her legs, the works! So needless to say, I get Tegan quiet for like 3 minutes and Rylee cries, then I get her quiet for probably five minutes then Tegan you see a pattern here? But guess what....I'm blessed to have them and happy they are here. I keep thinking positive and hoping this is just a phase. Today was a little better and I was able to keep Tegan calm but it required my undivided attention and nothing less. Then the little turd went off to sleep without eating his bottle and is pretty much knocked out. Oh...I forgot, I tried to get a picture of where he has started really clawing that dry spot on his head but my camera isn't picking it up good. He is drawing blood when he does this and looks like he got in a fight with a cat and lost. Poor guy!

Just reading this over to check for mistakes....makes me tired! Amen!

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