Monday, March 24, 2008


Me and Paul are celebrating our 7th Wedding anniversary. HE started a new evening part time job today so we won't be actually celebrating until the weekend. The story of me and Paul is a whirlwind. I worked at a Retail store beside a grocery store with a high school friend of mine. Me and her use to people watch out the front of the store and saw lots of people come and go at the Ingles next door. One day I saw a guy walking in to Ingles that I thought was cute so I told her to come over and I would show her what he looked like when he came out. Well when he came out guess what, she knew him and she took off out the front door yelling his name. I was mortified and just knew she was about to bring him in there and embarrass me. But she didn't. Instead she waited until talking to me and she called him that night to set us up on a blind date. We talked on the phone only once for just a few minutes before going on our first date....I say blind date b/c the only time I had saw him was from way across the parking lot and he hadn't ever saw me. We went to see a movie b/c I was scared to go eat with him b/c if I didn't like him then at least I wouldn't have to talk to him during the movie. He was so cute and so nervous the whole time. He didn't hardly speak for the first half of the date. By the last half of the date I knew I would marry him. A week later we went on our second date and then not a day went by that we didn't see each other. Our first date was Sept 04, 2000 and we got engaged on January 30, 2000 and got married on March 24th 2001. You got it, we dated just short of 7 months before getting married. In Nov. 2001 we had our first miscarriage, on January 11th, 2003 we delivered our little girl, on Oct 04, 2006 we lost Cohen and then on August 27th 2007 we had Tegan. A lot has happened and changed over the last seven years. It feels like we have been married more like seventeen years! Below are a few pictures of us on our wedding day. I scanned them in so they don't look that great but you get the picture. Don't worry, Paul isn't really that unhappy, he just doesn't smile in pictures.

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