Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Show off

Tegan had his first official physical therapy appointment this morning. It went great. He didn't do his usual "I'm so lazy" thing like he always does in front of Dr.'s. He rolled for the physical therapist and held and played with toys. He followed toys so well that the vision therapist that was sitting in on the appointment felt like she wouldn't be needed until he became mobile. There are still some things he is lacking but they were impressed with how far he has come since the consultation at the end of January.
The main thing they will work on the next month is strength in his arms. He still doesn't do his "baby push-ups" (lift his chest off the floor) so they are feeling like the reason why his arms are so jerky is b/c his shoulder muscles are not strong enough to help him control his arm. Therefor he still has those sporadic movements with his arms that usually go away by two or three months at the latest. The goal is to have him lifting his chest off the floor by the end of the month with a whole lot of therapy at home and his therapy once a week with Laurie. After that we will move to him really reaching for things which they think well come on its own when his shoulders get stronger. One of the other things we are going to work on this month is getting him to roll to his left side b/c he doesn't yet even attempt that. But that is no major deal right now, at least he is rolling from his back to his belly and he will get better at going from his belly to his back once he can lift his chest up.

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