Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Occupational therapy

So hopefully in about a month we will be adding occupational therapy to our schedule. We had our consultation yesterday and I actually thought Tegan did pretty good and thought she may decide not to take that route right now but she noticed that when he does reach for things that he isn't bending his arm but yet slinging it straight out to get things. He also has the shakes in his arms and still throws his arms around more than he should. So we have to wait to see if we get insurance approval and possibly with another month of physical therapy under our belt then he may not need the occupational therapy.
On another note the nap God's have stopped listening to me and have let me down. Over and over again I continue to try to get this child to take a good nap so that he isn't cat napping at 7:00 pm and then not wanting to go to sleep for the night. I don't get much sleep at night though due to a five year old that is terrified of what she calls "noises in the night". Last night I was in a deep sleep and suddenly woke up with a chill at around 12:30 and looked to my left and Rylee was just standing there not saying a word and just looking at me. It scared me to death! If she isn't waking me up then I am getting up and down to check on Tegan and make sure he is still on his back. My hopes are that I will sleep again some day soon....if not, who cares at this point, I'm already past the exhaustion point these days!

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