Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where has my sweet boy gone....

oh where, oh where could he be! Somewhere along the way I have spoiled my sweet little boy. So let's take count, that's one really spoiled 5 year old back talking little girl and one really spoiled crying and screaming 5 month old. Tonight while Paul went to play basketball I was left to handle the craziness by myself. Oh, sorry for hanging up the phone so quickly Shannon. Rylee was showing her true colors and then Tegan decided to show his, so for the three hours that Paul was gone I had one kid crying the whole time.
I guess I only have myself to blame....especially for Tegan b/c I am so softhearted when it comes to him, especially with the problems that he has had. Maybe it isn't to late to train my two little ones to be nice and not so dang mean.
Sorry no pictures but I had taken some of Tegan and his flipping puppy but for some reason that aren't showing up on my memory card. I don't think it is full but it could be b/c there are over 140 pictures trapped and waiting to get out.

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