Monday, January 28, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

Taylor was amazed!

Breanna and Rylee loved dancing in front of the blue screen!

There is a huge story behind Shannon and myself being on this simulated roller coaster. She basically stood there for 30 minutes and kids kept breaking in front of her until she got mad and blocked it so that no one else could get on it. It was funny!

That's right people....where adults can be kids. Obviously the kids are not the only ones who get to have fun. We had Taylor's birthday party there on Friday night. Although it was hectic it was pretty fun for me and Rylee. She is at that great age now where she can really play with everything. I know what you are being a huge germaphobe actually let Rylee touch and play with the toys, not without a lot of sanitizer. But I still woke up Saturday morning with a horrible sore throat which I am still battling today and trying to keep it away from Rylee and Tegan.
On another note, poor grandma. We left Tegan home with her on Friday night b/c of his screaming problems out in public. Well apparently being at home did go much better. He started crying at 7:00 pm and continued to cry until we got there at almost 8:30 pm. It's like I could feel that he was crying before I even knew it. I was suddenly ready to get out of there with a nervous feeling in my stomach. When we got on the road and called to check on him, sure enough he was screaming. Poor little fellow....I should have just taken him and I could have sat in the car with him if he started crying.

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