Saturday, January 19, 2008

Creative Motivation

O.k. so I was talking to my sister(Shannon) a few days ago and told her about how I wasn't sure what I had been doing all week b/c I didn't even step out on the porch all last week until Friday when we had to take Tegan. I started noticing that the house was getting more and more messy and that I wasn't getting out of my pj's most days. Ever since we have been alarmed about Tegan, I find myself just sitting in the floor either playing with him or literally just hoovering beside him as he sits in his bouncey seat. So I decided on this snowy (NOT!) day that I would self motivate myself to do a little cleaning around the house. Now don't think that I am horrible for this mess b/c sometimes we all let things go. should be so proud! Also this was my most productive day and yet the first day in a couple of weeks that I haven't gotten a horrible headache. Hmmmm, maybe my problem is that I'm not doing enough, you think?

The Kitchen counter was hit by a tornado (it's not my fault).
The Before picture

The after picture

Rylee's room really isn't my fault. She was home alot this week b/c of having a cold and seem to destroy everything she touched.
The before picture

Here is the after picture

Here is Rylee. She is just give out from all the "cleaning" she helped me do in her room. It had to be done b/c last night I heard Paul threaten to start throwing her stuff away. Notice she is still in her pj's.

Nothing like a little self motivation. In the spirit of taking pictures Rylee wanted to take a picture of me and I wasn't very willing. But once I seen the result of the picture, well let's just say that was motivation.
The before picture literally the shot above was taken at 2:30 pm and the shot below was taken at 2:35 pm. I actually brushed my hair and changed out of my pj's. Nothing like really seeing yourself in a picture.
The after picture

The point of the story is that sometimes I need a little motivation. I am at home all the time now and for some reason I seem to be getting way less done.

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  1. Don't you feel warm and fuzzy inside when your house is all neat and clean??? Well, I do anyways...haha. If you ever need any help, you know I love to clean :)