Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On to baby food...

After several tries and several times of giving up due to more coming out his mouth than what actually even went in (droll included), Tegan is finally eating baby food one time a day. I know he is suppose to be up to twice a day by now but he gets so much cereal in his bottle that it's like he is getting baby food every meal. First I tried squash a few weeks ago...that was no good. Then I tried banana and that didn't work out so I waited about a week before trying again and tried pears, HE LOVES THEM! The whole time he is eating them he is kicking his feet and crying, not a hard cry, b/c apparently I am not quick enough with the spoon. He will cry and then see the spoon coming and stop and open his mouth and then starts crying. It's as if he is afraid that every spoonful is his last.

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