Monday, January 14, 2008

Making progress

I still continue to work with Tegan daily on his muscles and body tone. He is improving a lot from my point of view. His biggest problem these days is his reaction to things. Being anxious or tired seems to make his nystagmus (eye movement) worse. We have read on the internet that when the eye movement speeds up due to these factors, he may temporary loose some of his vision and well, how do you make a 4 1/2 month old understand that if he would just calm down and go to sleep his vision would come back to him. Just like tonight, I finally had to take him in to a dark room b/c he was fighting sleep and started getting more and more upset and I realized that a dark room helps b/c he doesn't realize that he isn't seeing well. He calmed right down and went off to sleep. He is putting pressure on his legs now, talking, kicking around on the floor, holding his head up better and following toys sometimes...which is a huge improvement from even 3 weeks ago. He still is not always following toys, doesn't really play with them, keeps his hands tightly closed alot, doesn't push up or hold his head well on his belly, not rolling one way and is still a little wobbly about holding his body up when you hold him up right, all of these things should have happened a while ago for him. We see a pediatric neurologist at Medical College of Georgia in Augusta on Friday and maybe he will be cleared from all the muscular disorders that we fear. Our hopes are that his vision is what has delayed him. I would rather it be nothing at all but I will take the eye movement and vision any day over the other options. Double click the video below and listen to him talk. Notice when I scan down with the camera I am showing you that when he started off in the floor his head was where his feet are and he had kicked himself all the way around.

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