Friday, January 18, 2008

Trip to Augusta

Well we made it through our trip to Augusta to the Medical College of Georgia. It took a little over two hours to get there. The pediatric neurologist didn't have much to say. He did a chromosome test on Tegan....not only b/c of his problem but b/c of our miscarriage before Rylee and our loss of Cohen. He didn't act to alarmed about him but he has to have a starting point so he assessed him today and then will assess him again in 3 months to see if there has been much improvement or a decline. They also referred us to a early intervention program for him with physical therapy, vision therapy and speech(which of course he doesn't need yet). That was basically it!

I called Dr. Glassman's office to see if they could try to get our appointment with the neurologist the next time he comes to Athens. The Neurologist that we saw today travels once a month to St. Mary's to a clinic they offer and I would much rather take him there than drive back to Augusta but we do what we have to do. Anyways while on the phone with Glassman's office she said that there was a note in there about seeing someone else in Athens to start therapy so I don't know what is going on really. I plan to call back on Monday and see if I can just get a consult with Dr. Glassman and figure out what is our best plan of action. Although I feel like we still don't have a plan. Every time we see a Dr. they just say they will see him again in 3 to 6 months. This is getting frustrating and we have no answers.

I became so nervous before the appointment that my stomach didn't feel all that great. Then we really didn't get any answers.

On another note, Rylee is still a little under the weather and she has almost lost her voice. Poor thing....she wants to love on all of us (me, Paul and Tegan) but we don't want to get sick so she is keeping her distance. Luckily she only had a fever that one night.

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