Monday, January 14, 2008

Rylee's 5th Birthday Party and Pictures

We had Rylee a family Birthday party on Saturday. I was worried she would be upset that we didn't invite friends from school but she never even noticed. It's just to much to invite people outside the family b/c I have a lot of people in my family. We had lots of fun: pizza, cookie cake, cookie dough ice cream and a pinata. Tegan had a melt down about half way through but we made it through it and was able to enjoy Rylee's 5th birthday. Thanks to everyone who came and thanks for the gifts. As I take pictures at the party I know that everyone has huge hopes that they will end up on the ever famous family blog. I noticed that Shannon and Melissa managed to dodge the camera b/c I don't have any pictures of them.

Rylee's pizza was as big as her!

Tegan was happy before the party started. The noise upsets him so he didn't look this happy the whole time.

Cally and Leah were born one day apart so we were comparing sizes.

Rylee, trying her arm at the pinata.

Taylor...isn't he cute!

This is Jacob in action. He was the one who finally busted it. But he was so funny when he tried it without being able to see.

Zach seemed a little confused that we were letting him hit at this thing but he did good. I don't know how I missed Breanna hitting it but she did pretty good too.

Princess Amanda is always ready for a picture. Taylor (her son) is on your left and for some strange reason Caden seems to like her (Ha! J/k)

Now it took six pictures to get a picture of mama with her eyes halfway open! She is the world's worst and unfortunately Rylee has that feature also.

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