Saturday, February 25, 2012

Random Stuff

Funny thing about a stomach virus, it doesn't give any warning at all.  Thursday night my husband had been called in to work.  At around midnight I was finally heading to bed when Tegan walked out of his bedroom.  He didn't say anything but just curled up in the recliner like he was going to go back to sleep.  I asked him to either go back to bed or to come lay down with me since daddy wasn't back home yet.  He still didn't say a word but just came and climbed in my bed with me, snuggled up and then proceeded to throw up all over the bed.  It wasn't a pretty scene!  He acted like he felt much better once he finished throwing up.  I cleaned him up, covered the love seat in towels, told him to lay down and put a trash can by his head while I tried to clean up the mess on my bed.  I was hoping and praying that this was just one of those one time in the middle of the night throw ups like Ry will have once every couple of months.  My prayers were not answered as for the next 4 hours straight my baby boy threw up every 20 minutes.  He threw up HARD.  Like the kind that comes from the very bottom of your gut.  It was awful.  The dry heaving began sometime around 4 and that seemed just as bad b/c he was crying and begging me to make it stop.  We finally got to sleep in the early morning hours and we both pretty much slept on and off most of Friday morning.  Thankfully the throwing up was gone but then a very short lived fever started.  He woke up this morning like a new man, that I am thankful for.  Next time, I wish the stomach virus would give me a warning for three reasons: 1. Tegan had apparently had a lot of red Koolaid early that evening...not a pretty sight! 2.  I would totally have not taken him out for Mexican food that night had I known what was coming.  3.  I would not have let him in my bed!!! 

We were suppose to go to the circus with our church this morning but I was terrified of getting far away from home and the stomach virus hitting me.  Let's be honest, if it is going to get anybody next, it will totally be the anxious mommy that cared for her little man during his sickness.   At the very last minute we decided to chance it.  It was only about an hour drive away from home so we were just praying we could make it.  The tickets had been bought and paid for so we didn't want to miss out.  Thankfully all went well.  We made it there, through it and back home without anyone feeling sick.  Now I am just praying we can all stay well! 

We had a good time at the circus even though it made me feel old b/c the music was so loud it gave me a horrible headache.  I kept wanting them to turn that darn music down a little but apparently that is part of the show:) 

T-ball practice starts for my little man this week!  He is so excited to play at his "ball game" which is what he calls t-ball.  Thankfully his practice starts at a time when Rylee is on a two week break from play practice.  Can I get an Amen!!! 

Speaking of Amen, some ladies and I from my church have been working hard to sell tickets to our very first Ladies Night Out event.  I am getting a little nervous and just ready to see it all come together.  Say a little prayer for an awesome and inspiring night! This night means an awful lot to me and to see the ladies of the church and the community supporting it is just awesome!

Business is going great at Cohen Lane!  It is keeping me on my toes and out of debt, that is for sure!  

My pinterest addiction continues.  This week my entire grocery list is full of pinterest recipes (all easy ones of course:). 

That's all I got for tonight!  Happy weekend everyone! 


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  1. Glad to hear that your business is going well!

    Poor Tegan and of course poor you, no fun at all. Hopefully it's all over for your household.