Saturday, February 4, 2012

Gas Saver!

I have been complaining like crazy about how high gas is and how much my Explorer seems to be sucking it through a straw.  Seriously, every time I take off, I cringe a little inside as I can feel the gas just flowing right out!  I love that car though.  It is strange but it was the first thing I did to try to make myself feel normal again after I lost Cohen over 5 years ago.  It made me happy even if it was only a temporary feeling.  So I am super attached to it.  It has been a great car and has low miles on it for its age so I don't want that SUV to go anywhere! 

We had a 3rd vehicle, Jeep Cherokee, that my husband would drive only if he needed room for both kids.  Well yesterday my niece called and needed to buy a inexpensive car.  She came over, loved the Jeep and drove away smiling with it.  Since we still need a 3rd vehicle(for those of you just joining us my husband's heart belongs to an itty bitty truck that both kids can't ride in with him and that doesn't want to crank when it is super cold in the mornings:) and I needed to save on gas, the big search began.  Within 2 or 3 hours I came across a much older BMW.  An hour later it was ours:)  Great price, great on gas, plenty of room, able to still keep my explorer and drives great! 

Don't gasp about having a with all our transactions these days, it had to be cheap enough to pay cash for.  This would be why it is a 1993 BMW.  Don't fear, we are still debt free!!!!
It isn't new or perfect but I love it and I am so excited to cut my gas in half!!!  My husband did this for me without hesitation.  He is such a great husband and is all mine!

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