Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tales From a Mommy...

This past Saturday my husband and I were laying on our bed in the middle of the afternoon.  We were just chatting while both kids were to distracted to realize we were having an actual conversation without being interrupted by them.  Unfortunately, our talk time didn't last very long before Tegan insisted on joining the party.  He climbed on the bed and was all over both of us.  I started playing with him only to be injured in the process.  He had his back to me when he jerked his head backwards and slammed his extremely hard head right in to my eye/head.  It hurt.  It hurt so bad that I couldn't move or talk.  My ears were literally ringing and I was scared to move b/c I was sure there was going to be blood all over the bed.  A huge knot immediately graced me with its presence.   Somehow my silence had a huge affect on Tegan and he thought that I was being mean to him b/c I was making him feel really bad by not talking to him. 

It has been six days since we bumped heads.  Did I mention that he was totally fine but I have a crazy black eye with some blood on the whites of my eyeball???  Yeap...not cool.  Especially not cool when your job everyday is to go in and tell brand new parents that their baby needs to come with you unsupervised for about 30 minutes.  I have joked with parents telling them everything from I was bar fighting this past weekend to another parent didn't want me to take their baby and gave me a black eye. 

At first it didn't hurt once the whole shock wore off but last night and today it has been awful.  It hurts to have my eye open and gives me a horrible headache that makes me feel really yucky and sick to my stomach.  I was late for work this morning and had to get Paul to take the kids to school b/c I couldn't hardly hold myself up at 6:30 this morning.  The funny part is that when I ask Tegan if he can see what he did to my eye, he responds with "I not see anyfing". 

He better be glad he is cute b/c when he has that smug little grin and pretends that I am not walking around being stared at all day, I really want to chase him down and lick his face:)

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