Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling Better

This past week I wasn't feeling well.  Four out of five days I had a horrible headache.  I would guess they were migraines.  They wouldn't go away and made me so sick to my stomach and weak.  I am so glad that I have felt better the past couple of days. 
But at the risk of totally embarrassing myself, I wanted to show that my little Tegan is my true puppy dog.  When I was sick and laid up in the recliner unable to move....neither did he!
He stayed right there!  He didn't move or talk but every now and then he would reach over and pat my hand or leg.  Rylee would bring him anything he asked for (a snack, drink, etc.).  While Tegan watched over me, Rylee watched over Tegan until Daddy got home!!


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