Friday, February 10, 2012

Sad Attempt at a Business Name Change:(

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!  I am just so excited that it is Friday!!!  Alright....I am needing some major help from you guys.  I know I have lots of lurkers out there and I am begging you all to chime in and help me out.  Right now my card/invitation business is called Paper Pretty Designs.  Someone else on etsy had the name Paper Pretty (even though they don't sell but just buy on etsy) so I had to add the designs to the end.  I thought I loved it but I totally dislike how LONG the name is.  The web address is 31 characters long,  See how long that looks.  I want something short and catchy.  Like one word or two short words.  I need it to be short and cute.  It doesn't have to have anything about designs or paper or anything like what it is named now. 
I have been thinking of doing something with Cohen's name in it but still not sure how I feel about that.  Here are a few names that I have come up with that include Cohen...give me your vote!!!
Cohen Designs
Cohen and Me
Cohen M.
Cohen Lane
or do you think I should just stop trying to change it and leave it Paper Pretty Designs?
or do you have a single cute word that would make a great little shop name?  Suggestions???

HELP ME!!!!  If you have been lurking, don't deny me from having a cute name by not voicing your opinion:)

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