Thursday, February 16, 2012


I had a lot of fun with the kids valentines this year.  You can see more about how I made Rylee's valentines over at Cohen Lane.

Here are Rylee's....

Here are what Tegan took....

We didn't really do anything special around here this year.  We got the kids a small little bag of stuff and then I cooked hamburgers, homemade french fries and brownies.  I didn't get my husband anything b/c all I heard was that we weren't getting each other anything.  Well he came home with me a card, some Reese hearts and a fake single rose:)  He is all about the gas station roses b/c he hates buying flowers that will die even though I have been begging and pleading for 11 years for some real beautiful flowers.  I did love his little gift though. 
Then he took Rylee to play practice and I enjoyed some time with my littlest valentine, Tegan.
Nothing special but just fine by me....this year.  Dear husband if you are reading, I still love getting REAL stuff for valentines and going on a date with my husband and not cooking:)

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